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This is the most complete Collection of Sitecore references ever to exist, verified and classified for your convenience. I've spent enormous amount of time to get them all in one place, so please enjoy finding relevant information in seconds! Regularly updating!

Are you running a blog that is missing here? Know any other great blog / links that you want to include into this reference? Please suggest your links to be added into this Collection. Got thoughts to share? Please tweet me: @SitecoreMartin or email!

26 Dec 2016: Sitecore Link has reached new milestone: 13,000 of Sitecore-relaed entries
21 Dec 2016: Added latest StackExchange and StackOverflow questions, as well as recent bl0g posts
18 Dec 2016: Finally got rid of annoying duplicates and host-synonyms, 16 hours in a row to do so
14 Nov 2016: Added more precise categories into the project resulting a past week re-consideration
30 Nov 2016: Sitecore Link announces an award for the most productive authors and 3rd party module has been
28 Nov 2016: Now you may stay tune with RSS feed of all Sitecore bloggers in 1-click with OMPL file
22 Nov 2016: One more big update of 200+ items. Sanity clean-up performed on 840 link titles for the sake of relevancy
17 Nov 2016: Added Tips and tricks and FAQ pages. Made some rebranding and background automation improvements
12 Nov 2016: I am splitting big categories into smaller for relevancy purposes. Now there's 120+ instead of 100 before
08 Nov 2016: Added: top level catogories - finding information became easier; improved performance, reduced page size.
05 Nov 2016: 500+ new entries added, however ~40 irrelevant removed. I will remove obsolette information further on.
27 Oct 2016: Milestone reached - more than 10,000 entries have been aggregated in a year period since initial launch.
12 Oct 2016: Added ~ 300 new blogs - this time I hunted mostly new and less-know Sitecore bloggers. 10+ new categories
09 Oct 2016: New Contributors expander now also shows date of last update from that source
05 Oct 2016: Added Order-By criteria - you can sort links by name / recency / popularity
03 Oct 2016: Now you can vote for useful articles, so that others can benefit from community-moderated list
01 Oct 2016: Categories got small watermark right-hand side showing amount of entries
28 Sep 2016: Largest update - almost 2,000 new articles added! Moved to new domain name - Sitecore.Link
22 Sep 2016: Added Resources listing reverse ordered by entries count, It's now possible to identify top bloggers.
19 Sep 2016: Added new category for Sitecore Videos. These links are also highlighted with YouTube icon
13 Sep 2016: Maintenance: manually removed duplicates and abandoned blogs, updated adjusted links, many blog dated
30 Aug 2016: Finally, I found the way to walkaround Local Storage 5MB limit with real-time compression. It really works!
02 Jun 2016: Almost hit the ceiling with Local Storage limitations in browsers.
04 May 2016: Added big bunch of StackOverflow questions up-to-date.
11 Mar 2016: Blog posts from new authors have been added
25 Feb 2016: Reworked search engine - improved performance
09 Feb 2016: Finally managed, to get all dates sorted and duplicated cleaned out. Also added new content to date
02 Feb 2016: I keep going updating all articles with dates. Those already dated are color-coded: greener are more recent
25 Jan 2016: Updated with all recent links an StackOverflow for Jan 2016: more than 7.000 links so far!
23 Dec 2015: Currently working on updating article dates along with the links
20 Dec 2015: Added around a hundred of new links
10 Dec 2015: New links have been added
26 Nov 2015: Removed duplicate articles and adjusted others to miltiple groups
22 Nov 2015: Housekeeping and minor improvements
19 Nov 2015: Improved searchability; few more blog have been indexed
17 Nov 2015: Fixed bug preventing 'Suggest' page from functioning. Please, suggest your links!
15 Nov 2015: New 'Suggest' page for those willing to add links they consider to be relevant
13 Nov 2015: New filter allowing to exclude / include StackOverflow questions
12 Nov 2015: Added all Sitecore StackOverflow questions, having at least 1 answer (3600+ new links in total)
11 Nov 2015: Mass 'housekeeping' activities, merges, new categories
10 Nov 2015: Removed duplicate links, added 2 new categories
09 Nov 2015: Added 600+ new links and 4 more categories
08 Nov 2015: Search can now filter matches also in URLs
07 Nov 2015: New quick and convenient search has been introduced
05 Nov 2015: Moved from my blog into a separate project for better user experience
03 Nov 2015: More than 2000 links within 60 categories now available
01 Nov 2015: Initial version released

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